Hi! Welcome to Mountain Biking Addiction!

This is a place for those who love to ride. Mountain Biking Addiction is here to share love for our sport from West Virginia to the rest of the USA and hopefully across the world! It’s an honor to have you join us here.

About the author.

Now a little introduction about myself. My names Brandon Beale I grew up in Weston, West Virginia in the heart of the mountain state. Most of my life I have worked in food service and have always rode bikes as a hobby. In early 2015 I  relocated to Davis and soon fell in love with not only the area’s natural beauty and the culture… but mountain biking! For the past few years I have been slowly but surely falling more and more in love with our sport. Now enough about me, because it’s not about me at all!

It’s about riders!

This is for you guys (and girls ?.) The entire idea behind this site is our community of bikers. Starting from right here in little old Davis, WV to as far as the pages here make it! And Let’s hope they make it far! Having a place to connect, share ideas and have a good laugh. Thank you for joining me here!

I sincerely hope that every single person who visits this site will find something they enjoy as contented is added regularly. We’ll be adding to the blog as often as possible. Please let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see here on Mountain Bike Addiction. This is a bold now step for myself and a new direction in life. So any help is greatly appreciated!

Until then my friends, this is Brandon Beale signing off. Have fun and be safe out there!

Ride On!