Winter Gear For The New Year

Hello addicts! It’s been awhile. Now that Christmas is over it’s almost time to say goodbye to 2018. So I’m bringing you our top picks of winter gear for the new year to ring in 2019 with!   Bar Mitts Cold Weather Mountain/Commuter Bike Neoprene Handlebar Mittens  First piece of winter gear for the new year are these Self Pro cold weather bar mitts. These neoprene mitts attach to your handlebars and provide protection from the elements while allowing you to wear thinner gloves for improved dexterity and comfort.…

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7 Awesome Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mountain Bike Riding Right Now!

Improve your mountain bike riding

Be A Better Rider With A Few Minor Adjustments Good day to all my fellow mountain bike addicts out there! Today I’m coming at you with 7 awesome things you can do to improve your mountain bike riding right now. The truth is we all want to ride better! Maybe you just want to show up your mates on the local trail, or maybe your training for that big 35 mile ultra at the end of the season. Whatever the reason we’ve got you covered today! So without further ado,…

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It’s here! The “I’m An Addict” tee!

im an addict tee back

It’s here y’all!   Good morning fellow addicts! Brandon here at Mountain Biking Addiction! Coming at you from a very soggy West Virginia. I’m not going to keep you long this morning just wanted to announce out new shirt out! The I’m an addict tee is here! The I’m an addict tee! Be proud of your addiction and show your love of with your own I’m An Addict Tee! The cost is $21.99 plus shipping and it ships out from Teespring. Until next time, Brandon  

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Opinion: Why I love flat pedals!

Love flat pedals

Hey Addicts! It’s Brandon, and today I want to talk a little about why I love flat pedals! So I was playing around on Facebook the other day in a group I’m a member of when I saw that some one had asked if anyone else rode flat pedals. My comment of course “I love my flats!”And it got me thinking about why I love flat pedals, and prefer to ride them. So I’ve been thinking about this now for a few days and thought it would make a nice opinion…

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Sram GX Eagle Review Roundup


Some Reviews: SRAM GX Eagle Sup Addicts! So I’ve been on the fence here lately about buying a new bike or upgrading components on my old bike. Like everyone else the past several months I’ve been going crazy of the newer and more affordable SRAM’s 1×12 system, The SRAM GX Eagle! So. Since I’ve been sifting through the net researching this drive train anyway, I though I might share some helpful reviews I’ve found. Maybe someday soon I can get my own review up on it. But for now, here we go!…

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Must Haves For Spring Riding!

must haves for spring riding

Good day my fellow addicts! While it may not quite look like it outside ( at least here in the mountains of West Virginia) spring is just a few days away. That means it’s time for a round up of a few must have items for your spring adventures! So lets get at it with Mountain Biking Addiction’s must haves for spring riding! First up we have the ZSHOW lightweight hooded jacket. This is a waterproof and windproof jacket that’s  perfect for those April days when you just never know what the weather…

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How Mountain Biking Helps Anxiety

Mountain biking helps anxiety

Feeling Anxious? Hey all. It’s Brandon from Mountain Biking Addiction! Today I want to do a little writeup about how mountain biking helps anxiety. Before I do I just want to say that I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Also with that in mind if you do need help, and you do need someone to talk to, there are resources available. Your not alone in this! My battle with anxiety To start out, I would like to talk about my own battle with anxiety. Im not sure…

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15 Reasons To Go Mountain Biking

Hey fellow addicts! It’s Brandon coming at you from a cold and snowy West Virginia today. Today I thought it would be fun to list out 15 reasons to go mountain biking. So without further ado and in no particular order, here we go! 1. For the first of our reasons to go mountain biking were gonna say because work sucks. Yep! How many of us ride in our free time just because it helps take off the edge from the day-to-day grind? Show of hands? 2. Next in line…

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The King Of The Mountain? Continental Mountain King ProTection Long Term Review.

Mountain Kings

How I ended up riding Mountain Kings Hi All! Today I want to give my honest opinion after almost 2 years of riding a set of Mountain Kings. I’ll tell ya all about the Continental Mountain Kings. Here I was back in the Spring of 2016 getting very fed up with the original tires that came on my Trail 7, and starting to research better options for the local trails around Davis. The trails here are known to be very rough. I was sick of getting flats all the time with the…

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