The King Of The Mountain? Continental Mountain King ProTection Long Term Review.

Mountain Kings

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How I ended up riding Mountain Kings

Hi All! Today I want to give my honest opinion after almost 2 years of riding a set of Mountain Kings. I’ll tell ya all about the Continental Mountain Kings. Here I was back in the Spring of 2016 getting very fed up with the original tires that came on my Trail 7, and starting to research better options for the local trails around Davis. The trails here are known to be very rough. I was sick of getting flats all the time with the thin casing tires that came on my ride. To top things off, spring and summer in the mountains of West Virginia can be wet. Check that it was very wet to be riding the WTB Nine Lines.

I lucked out! The local bike shop happened to have one of several tire options I had been researching in stock. I opted to run the 2.4 inch on the front and the 2.2 inch on the rear. I also promised Rob at Blackwater Bikes I would report back and let him know how the tires were. Almost 2 years later, I think I’ve had enough time on these Mountain Kings to share my opinion with the world!

Mountain King Performance

Over the past 2 years I have ridden these Mountain Kings on just about everything I think I could throw at them! They seem to make an all around well performing trail tire that does good in a variety of conditions. They have seen rock gardens, loamy soil, mud and even a little snow. The tires roll decently fast but do have a noticeable drag on pavement and hard packed surfaces.


On a scale of one to ten I would rate the traction of the Continental Mountain Kings at an 8. The front does seem to wash out a bit on loose surfaces at very high speeds. There’s a nominal amount of slippage while pedaling over wet rocks and roots. Overall though these traction problems are minimal. I recommend this tire if you’re looking for a sure-footed grip during 90% of your riding.


This is the area where these tires really shine. Thanks to Continental’s ProTection technology I have had zero count that again ZERO flats in the past 2 years. Of course keeping the properly inflated helps. However, I have put these poor tires through hell and they are still going strong!

In addition to being seemingly indestructible on the trail, these things have worn forever. I took the photo below  today after nearly 2 years of riding the same set of tires.

The drawbacks

While, I don’t have many quarrels with Continental Mountain Kings there are a few things that do stand out. One such thing is they are a fairly heavy tire, but for the durability that’s a small price to pay. The other major drawback is the extra amount of drag produced when riding on a paved surface between trails.

So I cant think of anything else I personally dislike about these tire so well leave the drawbacks at that.


To wrap up here the Continental Mountain King ProTection makes a great all around tire. If you spend most of your time in rocky, rooty, and slippery terrain these do nicely. This tire is at home all over the trail and flat-out rocks on technical ascents! It’s also beefy enough to handle a little bit of snow and more than its fair share of mud.

I  purchased these locally at Blackwater Bikes in Davis, WV. They are also available online and at a local bike shop close to you.

Till next time, this is Brandon Beale! Keep feeding that Addiction my friends!

Ride On,


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