Opinion: Why I love flat pedals!

Love flat pedals

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Hey Addicts! It’s Brandon, and today I want to talk a little about why I love flat pedals!

So I was playing around on Facebook the other day in a group I’m a member of when I saw that some one had asked if anyone else rode flat pedals. My comment of course “I love my flats!”And it got me thinking about why I love flat pedals, and prefer to ride them. So I’ve been thinking about this now for a few days and thought it would make a nice opinion piece. While there is tons of information out there about “Clips vs Flats” etc. I’m not see much about just “love flat pedals.” So here we go!


Call me old-fashioned if  you like, but flats are just simple. In my reality that’s exactly what mountain biking boils down to… the simple enjoyment of being on your bike in nature. Flat pedals deliver just that. They deliver simplicity in this over complicated world of ours.  This is most likely the same reason I love the idea of the 1x drivetrain. It helps make things less complicated and lets ya just focus on riding! It’s the same exact thing when riding flats for me. No fuss, no complication, just pure riding pleasure.

Love Flat Pedals… they will make you a better rider!

Ever been bucked off a set of flats before? It’s frustrating, and sometimes it hurts! Through all the frustration and pain though, you learn. You become more aware of your position on the bike, as well as what’s going on around you. Riding flats forces you to pay attention to things. What else can riding flats teach us?

Balance. I’ve found the more I ride them and the more I love flat pedals, that my balance has improved a lot. For the same reason as stated above, getting bucked off flats will teach you to balance yourself better. I quickly learned while riding flat pedals on the trail that being balanced on the bike is extremely important. While not being clipped into the pedals its very easy to forget to keep your weight down properly through the pedals.

I could probably go on for days about how I’ve found riding flats has improved my skills on a bike, but there’s so many reason I love flats that I need to wrap up this section. So, If you want to learn to really ride cadence and keep spinning, give flats a try. You really have to concentrate a lot more on staying connected to the pedal clear through the rotation, of the crank! As an added bonus, if you ever ride on snow or are into fat biking, you’ll thank me for this. Flats will teach you to not be choppy with your pedaling.

They’re a tad dirty from riding flats!

Shoes don’t matter (as much)

That just another thing that makes me love flat pedals. No special shoes. While you can buy specific shoes to ride flats… you don’t need to. You can ride just about any shoe you want. That just adds to the beauty of riding flats in my opinion!

When riding clips, by default you must buy the appropriate footwear. You gotta be able to clip in. This is simply not the case with flat pedals. With flats you can almost any shoe you want, which if you commute to work on your bike can be great! I’ve put in many miles in a pair of kitchen shoes and just as many, if not more in hiking boots like these Salomon Men’s X Ultras, which is what I’ve been using when it’s cold.


This ties into the above point a little. Flat pedals are just flat-out (haha no pun intended) more economical! Entry level mountain bikes usually come with flats by default. You can pick up a set of decent flat pedals for next to nothing on Amazon or at your local bike shop. In addition to the overall lower cost of flat pedals themselves, there’s also the shoe factor (see above.) You don’t have to buy a specific shoe to use with flat pedals, just about any shoe will do! This makes using flat pedals a much more cost effective option for many riders, myself included.

So there you have it!

Just a few of the reasons that I love flat pedals. But I want to know what you guys think. Leave me a comment and tell me what you prefer and why. Till next time!

Ride on!


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