Sram GX Eagle Review Roundup


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Some Reviews: SRAM GX Eagle

Sup Addicts! So I’ve been on the fence here lately about buying a new bike or upgrading components on my old bike. Like everyone else the past several months I’ve been going crazy of the newer and more affordable SRAM’s 1×12 system, The SRAM GX Eagle!

So. Since I’ve been sifting through the net researching this drive train anyway, I though I might share some helpful reviews I’ve found. Maybe someday soon I can get my own review up on it. But for now, here we go!

Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine

In this article from September 2017 you get a nice overview of the GX Eagle Drivetrain. While it’s not a full on long-term review, the article is well written and showcases the drivetrain well. You can read the full article here SRAM GX Eagle 1×12 – Dirt – Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine.


I rather like Singletracks writeup on the GX Eagle. It’s honest and in depth and goes well beyond the scope of a basic review. They go as far to even break out the math to show the gearing advantage of the 50 tooth cog. Give this one a read for sure! Review: 400 Miles on SRAM’s GX Eagle Drivetrain.

Bike Radar

This is Bike Radar’s first ride review of the  GX Eagle. And while the “ride” section at the end is a tad short, this review does an awesome job of showcasing the technology that goes into this drivetrain. You can read up about it here: SRAM GX Eagle first ride review.

Worldwide Cyclery

Here’s a review from a Worldwide Cyclery customer that was featured. The author had switched from a Shimano 2×10 drivetrain to the SRAM GX Eagle. I think the customer review speaks for itself. Customer Review: SRAM  GX Eagle Drivetrain.


Here’s another good early review of the SRAM GX Eagle. This one’s on the short side but does give a good overview of the components as well as some tops for the installation. Review: SRAM GX Eagle

NSMB SRAM GX Eagle Review

Now here’s a real world review over the course of several months that showcases the durability of the SRAM GX Eagle! The author also got the opportunity to compare side by side with GX Eagles more expensive sibling the XO1 Eagle. You can read the review here: SRAM GX Eagle Drivetrain; Over the Long Haul.


While I personally am still up in terms air about whether to buy a new bike or just upgrade the worn out components on my current rig, I hope that you guys find this little roundup of reviews helpful.

There are, in my opinion the best on the net at the moment and really give a person an excellent overview of the SRAM GX Eagle 1×12 Drivetrain. Till next time my friends!

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